Recycling plastic toys has a wide range of social, educational, and environmental advantages.

Generating vital funds for your school, nursery, council or business.

We will collect free of charge and will pay a price per tonne to help you generate much needed revenue.

Vital help for the most deserving charities

You can donate the money to a charity of your choice.

Major environmental benefits

  • You will be helping towards the ongoing problem of plastic waste in the ocean
  • Re-using or recycling plastic toys means fewer items are sent to landfill or incinerated
small child playing with plastic toys

Helping children around the world

Playing with toys is a vital part of a child’s development. We provide toys for children from third world countries and socially deprived areas where families are unable to afford new toys.


Our collections also provide the foundation for schools to develop educational opportunities relating to plastic waste, recycling and the environment.